I have a female 3 year old collie. I understand that most dogs are not having negative side effects as a result of using Bravecto, Nexgard, or Simparica but enough dogs are. Since Collies and cats go together so well, I have to include this caution for cats: Some ingredients used to kill ticks, such as permethrin (used in K9 Advantix and other products) and amitraz (used in Certifect and the Preventic collar), are toxic to cats, which can be a problem in a household that includes both, especially if they are friendly with each other. If you have cats that share sleeping space with and/or like to groom your dogs, Advantix is probably not the best product for you. I chose Frontline Plus for him as it seems to be an older, safer spot-on. Your thoughts? Do you know what the ingredients are in the medicated shampoo? What are your thoughts on that? If you choose to use Advantage Multi, great care should be taken to only apply the liquid between your dogs neck and shoulder blades, where it cannot be reached by licking. (My dogs dont groom each other or really play that way now that theyre older and settled, so I feel comfortable using topicals now.) Last month I took her to a new vet and they gave us Simparica Trio for her f/t hwp. 2022 Collie Chatter. (Also, bear in mind that the Permethrin in Zodiac Spot On will make it very dangerous, even toxic, to cats, in case you have any.) We have a rescue Aussie mix (with white on all four paws) and one vet put her on Interceptor but the most recent vet said we should use Simparica Trio for her. (Most vets are going to recommend to you the products they carry in stock, but you can order online from Chewy or pet pharmacies.) My vet wants to give him a vaccine (?) Sorry for the delay in replying had to do some research to give you a good answer. Hello, You mentioned ADVANTIX should be use with caution because of cats being around collies, but what about if I only have collies? Rich Soil gives this excellent explanation of what DE is and how it works: the fossilized remains of marine phytoplankton. they have caused seizures and death in dogs and even some reactions in humans who sleep with their dogs in their beds. Thank you for the reminder! . We had a wonderful smooth girl for years and while many of the medication names here sound familiar, I cant remember what we gave her. (Of course, skin irritation can happen with any topical product.) Have you had any issues with Seresto? If youre someone who lives in a tick-prone area or likes to take your dogs on woodland rambles (like me), this is a letdown. Please keep me updated if you think of it! First, I want to thank you for the time and effort that went into writing this article. It also helps to know your dogs MDR1 statuses, which can be checked through places like Paw Print Genetics. It is safe for use with anthelmintics like heartworm meds and has no known negative drug-drug interactions. The best thing about Seresto is how long it can do its job up to 8 months! Thank you! Thank you for the warning. How can I prevent my dog from getting ticks? The author states this had no connection to the drug study. For my Aussie mix, Ive had success using Advantix II. It was both well written, and concise. Regardless of the heartworm product you choose, as the Institute of Pharmacology and Toxicology says, treatment of MDR1 mutant dogs with macrocyclic lactones in general requires particular caution. It really boils down to weighing the benefits of medications against the risks from internal parasites. I have a new Collie-mix with bi-coloured coat. Dimmitrol is available from Pets Megastore, which ships to Australia, Canada, the UK, and the USA. We can eat it. Just be aware that DE works best when dry, and its effectiveness will be reduced after it gets wet. She had a severe reaction with diarrhea, drooling, depression etc. Our dogs deserve the best. (I did try to use it to deworm my cat without great success, but that could just be because I couldnt get him to ingest a complete dose at once.) Fleas were treated with effifax, active ingredient fipronil. Thats a good point about the potentially smaller user sample size for Credelio, since its a newer medication that hasnt been out as long as the others. Hes just a puppy himself and was already started on Interceptor and Credelio. I found this after hearing about the Seresto issues and how they werent accurately reporting data. Kills 5 types of ticks. Honestly, I think K9 Advantix would beat Credelio as far as effectiveness, due to its repellent properties and ability to kill on contact. Thank you so much for all your hard work and care given to writing this very informative and extremely important study greatly appreciate it , I would like to thank you for your very thorough but get to the point info of all these parasitic treatments We have a rough Collie I could not find any info on safe treatments without wading through a river of muck. Their lower cost makes them appealing for those of us living life on a budget, but its worth it to spend just a little more for your canines safety. It has the same active ingredients as Seresto (plus one), so a bit stronger. Since I recommend being careful about using Simparica, I would be even more careful about using the more potent Simparica Trio. We will get her in about 3 weeks. Is credelio considered safe when using interceptor? My personal veterinarian is now only marketing the Credelio, Interceptor, and Trifexis oral parasite medications. But it doesnt hurt mammals. Matching game, word search puzzle, and hangman also available. For dogs who have a case of mange or ear mites, the treatment can involve topical applications of compounds containing (you guessed it) Ivermectin. From an MDR1 standpoint, Simparica is *technically* safe; but I am leery of it considering the FDA warning about isoxazolines ("-laner" medications) I discussed in the article. Perros (mutacin del gen MDR1). Simparica Trio is FDA-Approved and can be purchased with a prescription. User warnings Wash hands after handling the product. Before I got them home, they went into comas. ? Happy to help! Our are both indoors and outdoors. I looked up potential side effects for the new pill, and sure enough, the product info for the pain medication specifically advised that it should not be taken with blood pressure medication. Selamectin is their shared main ingredient. My personal veterinarian is MDR1-aware and only prescribes Interceptor (probably the safest heartworm med) and Credelio (an oral flea/tick medication alternative to Nexgard). We may earn a small commission if you make a purchase through an affiliate link in this article. GestorVet es el futuro de la gestin veterinaria. I'm planning to go on a camping trip mid-September and my vet prescribed a simparica trio tablet to make sure he's safe from fleas and ticks. Either Sentinel or Interceptor are generally considered safe for Collies and can be used to treat demodectic mange. I do not know if my auss is a carrier for the mdr1 gene, and I told the vet about this and they double checked and said that the drugs in simparica trio should be fine for her. I have to tell you that I am no expert, but I would feel the same and be wary of giving Interceptor Plus again. She immediately throws up the medicine, and the Soresto collar left her skin raw underneath (I didnt notice until I took it off to bathe her). Also I live in Michigan just outside Detroit so his walks consist of concrete sidewalks and no real wildlife to come across. Wash hands after handling the product. However, the medicine can be passed through a mothers milk: so it is not recommended for pregnant or nursing female dogs, though it is safe for puppies 8 weeks of age and older. Hope this helps! Doses used for heartworm prevention are safe to use in these breeds of dogs. Simparica TRIO contains three active pharmaceutical ingredients, sarolaner, moxidectin, and pyrantel pamoate. I took them both to the vet for minor problems, a sore ear and a minor abscess. Review this. I recently adopted a Collie puppy who came with a dose of Credelio and Interceptor, which I have in the past successfully used on my other 3 dogs (both Collies and the Aussie mix). 4 Those bites can also lead to infectious diseases. The Seresto collar seemed to work reasonably well for Dash, but even so we occasionally would find a tick on him. Best of luck with your girl. Mar 2013. It should be given with food (as should any oral medication, really) to avoid a possible upset stomach. , I use Advecta 3 because it prevents and kills I have been in the dog Bussiness for over 26 years and used to use frontline bit past few years switched because frontline doesnt prevent .I never had a problem with advecta 3 and hope its safe, As this is a Collie blog and I assume the majority of people who read this post have a Collie, Im just hesitant to recommend it since many Collies have issues with sensitive skin even if theyre clear of MDR1. We love her. It comes in pill form, starts working within 30 minutes, and will kill all the fleas on a dog within 4 hours. Im leaning toward Frontline Plus based on what you wrote. Remember she is fixed. It is also used off-label to control sarcoptic mange and demodectic mange. (I googled veterinary pharmacists near me and found one locally, but Jacksonville is a huge city.) There are other risks involving Ivermectin. We gave her the first dose in late February and there were no adverse side effects for Sugar. 5,10 That's two tasty chews to double your dog's dosing delight each month. The drawback of using them is that they generally dont take care of as large a range of parasites as using two separate medications does. According to Dr. Jean Dodds of Hemopet, researchers and veterinarians thus far cannot point to breed characteristics, age group, drug interactions or genetic mutations as contributing factors to the latest findings that prompted the FDA warning. In other words, the reported adverse reactions to Bravecto had nothing to do with whether or not a dog had MDR1. Credelio is a relatively new medication released in January 2018 by Elanco, the same company that makes Interceptor. 3,4,7-9 Most notably, a series of randomized . I was leaning towards, but have not tried, the combination of Interceptor tablets (heartworm) + Credilio (flea and tick) tablets. Im happy to hear you found it helpful! And use same collar for a few months. Until progress is achieved in ongoing studies, adjustments are made to the medications themselves, and the FDA warning is lifted, Ill have to leave Bravecto in the caution category. Hi, Thank you for this helpful article. The article mentioned Seresto covered 4 kinds of ticks, so Im glad you clarified your selection for me. . (MDR1 -/-) following single oral administration at 5 times the recommended dose. In hot, flea-infested areas like where I live in Florida, Parastar Plus might not be the best option; but its definitely something I would have tried when I still lived in Michigan. Simparica TRIO is a monthly chewable tablet that protects your dog against heartworm disease, five types of ticks, fleas, roundworms and hookworms. These generics include Tri-Heart Plus, Iverhart Plus, and Nuheart. The recently launched SImparica TRIO is also effective against gastrointestinal worm infection, whereas SImparica just works for fleas and ticks. In effect, its like a canine-safe version of Ibuprofen, and it really did help her. The main goal of this medication, according to the FDA, is; Bottom line is that Simparica will probably be fine for your dog, but there is a slight risk that it wont. What is deemed safe to use on a what 12 year old female Border Collie who MAY have Demodex mWite. Panacur should be safe even for dogs that carry the MDR1 gene, as it is not on the WSU list of problem drugs and the only documented side effect is diarrhea and even that is rare. With complaints rolling in, the company made adjustments to the Ivermectin content in their product, and Heartgard is now advertised to be safe at the recommended dosage. But according to Dr. Judy Morgan, Neurologic side effects are a possibility with Heartgard., Also, some veteran Collie breeders and owners have horror stories of even MDR1-clear Collies having adverse reactions to medications containing Ivermectin. However, as it is the amped-up version of Frontline Plus and contains 3 active ingredients, its always wise to check the application site for adverse skin reactions. Thank you for fostering! Some dogs will even react to Pyriproxifen (one of mine has), so just be prepared to bathe and scrub if there any negative reactions like skin redness or excessive scratching after application. Thank you for bringing this to my attention! Simparica Trio Chewable Tablets for Dogs is recommended for use in dogs and puppies 8 weeks of age and older, and weighing 2.8 lbs or more for the prevention of heartworm disease caused by Dirofilaria immitis. Simparica 5 mg chewable tablets for dogs 1.3-2.5 kg Simparica 10 mg chewable tablets for dogs >2.5-5 kg . Thank you for the useful information which is a little easier (clearer) to understand than most. I like to sprinkle some around the perimeter of my yard and lay an inner circle around the edges of my house which probably looks like Im trying to keep out evil fairies and other fantasy creatures. Dogs with normal MDR1 genes can usually tolerate oral dosages as high as 2,500 mcg/kg of body weight before signs of toxicity are seen, while dogs with two copies of the defective MDR1 gene can tolerate only up to 100 mcg/kg of oral ivermectin. 5 types of ticks (the only proven chewable for most type of ticks elimination) (No judgment if you didnt see that section: I know its a very long article and I expect most people are looking for a quick or specific answer and dont actually read the whole thing ?.) Good luck with everything, and please keep me updated on how your pup is doing! Additionally, it can be used to treat and control sarcoptic mange. Unless youre, say, an expat living in China, you can definitely find a better option. Safety. Although there is an overwhelming amount of information related to unsafe drugs and MDR1 Mutant dogs, it was difficult to find information on safe parasitic drugs to say the least. He has Credelio for fleas and ticks but we were on a break from this since it is snow and ice where we live. , Thanks for the reply! I just took her off Sentinel Flavor Tabs. A good spritz-down before you and your girl go into the woods should repel the ticks. Its a nice alternative to Vectra 3D since its not as potent (so less chance for irritation), yet it also has some repellent properties. $161.99. Simparica Trio is the first and only product that combines sarolaner, moxidectin, and pyrantel in one simple-to-give chewable-for protection against heartworm disease, ticks & fleas, roundworms & hookworms.. One chewable tablet provides month-long protection for all dogs over 8 weeks old and weighing 2.8 pounds or more. Revolution, along with a product called Stronghold, tested safest in clinical trials of heartworm medications. If you havent yet tried Interceptor for heartworm prevention, I would suggest that for you. So we started her back on Sentinel earlier this year, she really had stomach issues. I plan to switch him over to Trifexis also. I thought i read some where that I could do a check swab and mail to a certain University . Please log in again. In light of this, Im categorizing all three of these oral flea/tick protection chews as use with caution, although in fairness I must note that a link between the occurrences and seizure-prone or MDR1 dogs has not been identified. Give Hollie Collie a good butt scratch or ear rub from me. Demonstrated 98.9% effectiveness against existing tick infestations in 48 hours . Get new post updates in monthly email newsletters. Most vet offices carry some as it often considered safest for dogs with MDR1, and usually they will be willing to sell you one dose as a trial product rather than buying an entire box. The neurological problems tied to Simparica scare the shit out . (Same active ingredients in both.) Happy to help! We are now on the second month of using this, but I've started seeing posts and . Wondercide sounds like an excellent place to start as far as flea and tick prevention, and I hope it will be effective against mosquitoes, too. According to a thorough study conducted on MDR1-affected dogs, Interceptor and its more affordable generic, MilbeGuard, rank high in ML safety due to their use of the compound called milbemycin oxime. Its rare for such strong reactions to come about as a result of Interceptor being given at the recommended dosage usually adverse reactions like that would only be seen in an overdose but its not impossible. How to use Simparica Trio. Anecdotally anyway, it is reported to have gentler ingredients and the least tendency to cause skin irritations. Is hartz ultraguard ear mite treatment for dogs safe? I have never even heard of the latter and do not believe they exist in Canada. (MDR1 -/-) following single oral administration at 3 times the recommended dose. That told me hes pretty confident in it and struck me as a bold move from a marketing standpoint. SIMPARICA TRIO killed fleas before they could lay eggs for 35 days. ? Thanks Emily! This article from Your Dog Advisor gives more natural prevention options and even tells you how to mix your own parasite preventives using essential oils and water. Product Description. I found some good information on the Cyphenothrin in Parastar Plus in this article. MDR1 FAQs. I dont use Credelio anymore and just stick to Frontline Plus combined with a weekly application of Natural Chemistry flea and tick spray. I doubt it as he was on leash and Im always watching him. Id like to thank you so very much for this in depth article. Hi Emily The fleas have to bite for the product to work, and in some places fleas seem to have developed a resistance to it. Thank you for all your research and article!! This is typically due to a specific genetic mutation (MDR1) that makes them less able to tolerate high doses of ivermectin. However, its technically safe so long as it isnt applied past the shoulder blades where your Collie could reach it. It makes me nervous since I have seen/read plenty of negative things about bravecto and Im also worried to combine bravecto with interceptor. . Giardia can be passed to and cause diarrhea in humans. I found it extremely helpful & educational. It will make your dog smell absolutely yummy while protecting them from fleas, ticks, black flies, and mosquitoes. . Microfilaria and adult heartworm antigen testing. The MDR1 test will determine if your pet is affected by a mutation in the MDR1 gene. Simparica trio prescribed to 10 wk aussie pup. Im not a veterinarian and would of course recommend that you consult with yours, but I do think that dogs vary individually (just like people) and can react differently to certain medications. tratados. After 1 emergency vet visit and a number of consultations with our primary care vet, we took him off simparica. Is the Frontline the one listed in the article ok in a multi dog family where there is a risk of one licking it off the other? Our vet recommended Bravecto because he said it had been specifically tested on dogs with the MDR1 gene. And thank you for saying so. The collar releases no odor or residue, comes with a quick release catch to prevent accidental choking, and even has safety reflectors. Besides safety, Revolution is an attractive option because of its ease of application (topical squeeze-on tube) and versatility in treating heartworm, fleas, dog ticks, sarcoptic mange, and even ear mites. While my pain levels went down, I noticed that my heart rate went up! It points out that flea resistance to Cyphenothrin is also widespread, and Cyphenothrins efficacy can be reduced when broken down by sunlight. Thanks. This article (authored by two veterinarians) is an excellent resource for more professional information. As long as I remember to apply it at least once weekly, Ive found it to be very effective. Fleas start to bite within 5 minutes. Prevents: Heartworm, Fleas, Intestinal worms (except tapeworm) Comes as: a meaty chew given once every month (afoxolaner & milbemycin) HEARTGARD Plus real-beef chews are the delicious, #1 vet-recommended heartworm disease preventive - and pair perfectly with #1 vet-recommended NexGard (afoxolaner) chews. Thank you for this. I did some digging, and from what Ive read it sounds like just one report would be considered anecdotal and would not be considered evidence that Seresto could cause seizures, but if there are 2 or more reports then the company might be obliged by the EPA to add a potential seizure warning to its label or possibly to do more clinical safety research. As one holistic veterinarian explains: The Vectra 3D can have side effects which include extreme restlessness and jitteriness, described as anxiety or manic behavior. Dash is MDR1 mutant/normal. I found a paper on the web written with credits to several vets. Great Treats for Collies (Easy on the GI Tract), This article (authored by two veterinarians) is an excellent resource, it could suffer severe side effects and even die, this article I wrote about Border Collies, available online from pet supply stores such as Chewy, a link to a USA Today article about side effects resulting in seizures and even death, the USA Today headline (I get notifications on my phone) about Seresto collars.

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