On the Pedersoli design, the hammer is about half an inch high at half cock. If we get time to test these, well upgrade this report in the future. They were renowned for long-range accuracy. Toxic wastewater from East Palestine dumped in Texas; locals furious, Were dying slowly East Palestine residents complain of worsening health problems despite being given the all clear by Biden regime, Army Chief: If Major War Breaks Out, China To Attack U.S. The top of the barrel had the following markings: Shiloh-Sharps Model 1874 about a third of the way up the barrel toward the muzzle; and CALIBRE 45 over 2 1/10, located 2.5 inches forward of the action, also on the top flat. Shiloh 1874 Hartford Model Sharps, $1702. Cimarron Sharps 1874 SilhouetteEssentially the same rifle as the Cabelas gun, we wondered at the $1,095 retail price. Required fields are marked *. Shiloh Sharps, a Montana company that now builds Sharps rifles after their original design, put an 1877 Sharps on its list, in 2013. When you purchase a Shiloh Sharps from us, you will carry with you a piece of history and the finest long range, competition and hunting rifle in the world. Although the rear curved surface was probably similar to what was on original Sharps rifles, were sure frontier riflemen changed their sights to suit their eyes. Below, I will place a link, so that if you want to purchase one of these rifles, you can do so. [6], Reproductions of the paper cartridge Sharps M1859 and M1863 rifle and carbine, the metallic-cartridge 1874 Sharps rifle, and Sharps-Borchardt Model 1878 have been manufactured for use in Civil War re-enacting, hunting and target shooting. Drilled and Tapped The top tang on the Sharps receiver is drilled and tapped to accommodate the mounting of a Creedmoor rear sight. Additional pictures available on request. There was a small step on the end of the cross pin, and the edge of that step had a sharp shoulder that didnt belong there. This took only the force of our fingers. Again, the rifle didnt like the 430-grain cast BB bullets, giving a 4-inch group at 25 yards with one striking sideways. Weights range from 10 1/2 pounds to North of 15 pounds. - 8OZ. Accurate reproduction of the rifle Sharps Long Range model made in December of 1876, converting rifles with 32" (813 mm) barrels length to 34" (864 mm). The front sight blade was stamped out of a sheet of aluminum, and the edge, which the eye sees when aiming, was rough. The Shiloh felt precise and smooth, almost sensual. The information we had on the Pedersoli design indicated it used a forged receiver. 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Additional information. The inletting of the Shiloh Sharps was far superior to either of the other two. if you would like to place this item on back order. When we did so, we removed a slight amount of oxidation that might have contributed to the spotty look. Accuracy was not quite as good as that of the Cabelas rifle, averaging about 6 inches with the Winchester and 3 inches with the 350-grain Buffalo Bore ammunition. The 1874 Sharps rifle is well known for long-range accuracy. The 1874 Sharps came in many varieties, the most prolific being the Sporting Rifle. 1874 Shiloh Sharps in 45-70 at 990 yards redux w/ target cam Sagebrush Longshots 8K subscribers Subscribe 1.8K 188K views 3 years ago Longer version of an earlier video with some target cam. If you want a representative Sharps for less than a grand, this one would fill the bill. Rollin White of R&L invented the knife-edge breech block and self-cocking device for the "box-lock" Model 1851. At the beginning it was produced with single trigger, only in February of 1879 . The Shiloh had a perfectly flat, very well polished, sharp-cornered barrel with what appeared to be perfectly done rust bluing, which gave it a semi-matte glow that could be picked out across the room. Select options 1874 SADDLE RIFLE $2,525.00 Standard grade wood (shown with Presentation grade) Shotgun Buttstock Cheek rest No pistol grip Double set triggers Your choice of barrel. It had a small beveled relief on the rifling. Most of them were the carbine model, with 22-inch barrels, which fired a paper cartridge, or a pre-measured charge of powder wrapped in combustible paper, with the paper stuck to a ball or conical bullet. Please call us (208) 263-6953 if you would like to place this item on back order. Rear Sights: Vernier tang sight by C. Sharps (W/Hadley eye cup) and standard barrel-mount sights. Copyright 2023 All Rights Reserved. If this rifle were ours, and we wanted to take it hunting, wed come up with a better front sight. This Cimarron version took much more effort to open and close, and if your hand was between the lever and the trigger, you could get bit as the lever snapped upward with strong spring pressure. The Long Range Target Rifle continues this legacy. Ubertis Down Under Sharps is a reproduction of the Sharps that Tom Selleck carried and with which he made some amazing long-distance shots in the film Quigley Down Under.". A cartridge could conceivably fire if the breech rose abruptly enough against the uncocked hammer. It was marked with numerals from 1 to 8, and held a sliding click-stopped U-notched rear sight. Whenever youre looking at a C. Sharps Rifle that you like, look for the Save for Later button. Covid-19: The Greatest Crime In History Exposed! We are always a phone call away with tech support and any assistance that we may provide you and a lifetime warranty to the original owner." To read more click HERE 1874 QUIGLEY $3,533.00 The prices range between $2,000.00 up to $3,200.00 and if that sounds a little pricey, remember what youre buying, its not just a gun, its a piece of history from a bygone era, that will last long after you are gone. We longed for a simple post, but the front sight insert didnt seem to be replaceable. CHAMBER SWAB $ 15.00. . The walnut was not as quite nice as that on the Cabelas, but it was adequate. We know that you may not be ready to purchase just yet. Inletting and overall workmanship was about equal to the other rifle, which was very good. We left it alone. Click it to have our site remember the way you like to shoot. Being a nostalgia buff, I cant think of a better rifle to bring down big game, I mean, what ever you have in your sights, be it Elk, Moose, or bear, this rifle will be sure to bring it down with a well placed single shot. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. Then comes the Quigley Sharps in either .45-70 or .45-120, at $1,300. Been shooting BPCR about that long too. Sharps rifles saw extensive use by both sides in the American Civil War because their breech-loading actions permitted loading while prone, sitting or riding a horse, and skilled sharpshooters could make up to 10 accurate shots per minute. An 8.25% Federal Excise tax is applied to all gun purchases. On original Sharps rifles and on the Shiloh design, the half-cock position is about an eighth of an inch above the firing pin. Both the Cimarron and Cabelas versions would need the sights to be regulated for ones chosen ammunition. Our rifle had a straight-hand walnut stock with checkering that wrapped all the way around the forend and the wrist. We fired three shots with as good a sight picture as we had had all day. Not only am I using a video, but will provide you with a bit of history on the Shiloh Sharps company. Would the Shiloh like the 430-grain Buffalo Bore lead-bullet load? Your email address will not be published. Shiloh 1874 Hartford Model Sharps The standard features of this $1,702 model include the Hartford collar at the breech end of the barrel, pewter forend tip, either shotgun (fitted) or military-style butt stock, standard wood, double set triggers, and a 30-inch barrel in five choices of configuration. The 1874 Shiloh-Sharps 45-70 LONG RANGE EXPRESS Rifle. There were no streaks, and no abrasions. 34" octagon barrel. Model: S749 1877 Sharps Overbough Long Range 30" Target shooting Model: S762 Sharps Little Betsy 24" Target shooting Model: S767 It would seem that a rifle like this could be manufactured for a great deal less than $850, but no one seems to be doing so. Sights were a buckhorn rear, and driftable blade front. Pedersoli Sharps Long Range 1874 Single Shot Centerfire Rifle 45-70 Government 34" Barrel Blued and Walnut Product #: 925261 Manufacturer #: S.788-457 UPC #: 8029874003117 1 Write a Review Q&A (3) Our Price: $2746.00 SHIPS FREE $9.99 Shipping Out of Stock, No Backorder Estimated In-Stock: 03/11/2023 Cartridge: 45-70 Government Youll have to pay a good down payment and wait for up to four years for your rifle to be done. Guns Rifles Sharps Rifles Replica Shiloh Sharps Long Range Express rifle | 615 | 63 | Lc | 62.5114ms. Be the first to review Shiloh Sharps 1874 Long Range SOLD. For the novel by Bernard Cornwell, see, Esposito, Gabriele, The Paraguayan War 186470: Osprey Publishing (2019), "Unidades y armas durante el sitio de Buenos Aires de 1880", "Jornada de Historia Militar en Antofagasta. [9], The military Sharps rifle was produced by the Sharps Rifle Manufacturing Company and is a falling-block rifle used during and after the American Civil War in multiple variations. It was large enough that this was a comfortable rifle to shoot. Our first group with Winchesters 300-grain JHP measured 1.1 inches. Buy it, no matter how long youve got to wait. Zowie! 45 X2 7/8" caliber, 34" heavy octagon barrel, has the optional drilled and tapped for a MVA scope with filler screws, optional rear barrel sight dovetail has a filler, Lee Shaver spirit level globe front sight and a Lee Shaver long range Soule sight. so I am unable to take trades. Covid-19: The Greatest Crime In History Exposed! Bloomfield, NY 14469. A cartridge is inserted, and the lever is raised to bring the breech closed. Our groups with the Buffalo Bore 350- grain werent all that great, undoubtedly hampered by our inability to see the target. I am a gun enthusiast, but do not have a ffl. [12], The carbine version was very popular with the cavalry of both the Union and Confederate armies and was issued in much larger numbers than other carbines of the war and was top in production in front of the Spencer or Burnside carbine. Clint Eastwood used one in The Good, the Bad and the Ugly, Glen Campbell carried one in True Grit, and Kevin Costner had one in Wyatt Earp. But the most famous film role for the 1874 Sharps was in Quigley Down Under where a special long-range version chambered in .45-110 was used extensively by Tom Selleck in the starring role. All the models are equipped with graduated rear sight with sliding plate and are drilled and tapped to mount a Creedmoor sight. John Ruskin stated: The bitterness of poor quality lingers long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten. Our first group went into 3.8 inches from the 100-yard bench. The Sharps rifle played a prominent role in the Bleeding Kansas conflict during the 1850s, particularly in the hands of anti-slavery forces. [21] The match is billed as the "biggest rifle event shooting in Eastern Montana since the Custer Massacre" and has since developed into a two-day competition with eight shots for score on six steel silhouette targets at ranges from 350 to 805 yards (320 to 736m).[22]. Each of our customers are special too us and we take great care in custom building a rifle to their desired specs and needs. The Cimarron stock had a pistol grip and, happily, a much larger butt plate. After the war the basic design was altered into a brass-cartridge rifle. N.S.F.W. [16], Sharps made sporting versions from the late 1840s until the late 1880s. The Sharps rifles became icons of the American Old West with their appearances in many Western-genre films and books. It is a lever action, dropping block. The case coloring was reasonably attractive. 6680 State Route 5 and 20 He gave me the privilege of. The new Sharps proved very popular with buffalo hunters, plainsmen and knowledgeable frontier riflemen of all sorts. The small area of iron on the butt succeeded in bruising one of our shooters who had lots of experience with hard-kicking rifles, and he was wearing a heavy winter coat at the time. If you are a history-buff and like old west firearms and collect them, then this should be right up your alley. The Sharps rifles supplied to anti-slavery factions earned the name "Beecher's Bibles", after the famed abolitionist Henry Ward Beecher. As they were, both hit our 100-yard target with no adjustments by us. Some of the most common rounds were .40-70, .44-90, .45-75, .45-100, .45-120, and the military calibers of .45-70 and .50-70. Log Number: 8966: Serial Number: 4776B. We liked the checkering of the Cabelas, but preferred the stock design of the Cimarron. Sharps' initial rifle was patented September 12, 1848,[5] and manufactured by A. S. Nippes at Mill Creek in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in 1850. This, plus better fitting and care in manufacturing, resulted in the big difference in feel between the Shiloh and the Pedersoli rifles. This website contains many older reviews. Price: $285.99 RS-DP-1874-MID Vernier 3" Mid-Range Tang Sight , for 1874 Sharps, or 1885 Winchester rifle, complete with Sharps mounting screws, by Davide Pedersoli . Other designations sell for around $1,700, and some, like the various Creedmoors, go for around $2,800. One big difference was in the spring pressure of the action lever. : BUTTPLATE: METAL FINISHES: BACKGROUND FILL - (ENGRAVED FRENCH GRAY ONLY): BRASS ESCUTCHEONS: CUSTOM BEDDING: SLING SWIVELS: TRADITIONAL CHECKERING: FOREARM TIPS: ACCENT LINE: Shiloh Rifle Company 1874 Sharps long range express rifle in 45-70 caliber. This rifle was made in approximately 1999 when Shiloh Sharps and C. Sharps were working together, which is the reason for the C. Sharps rear sights. Teamed with special tang-mounted adjustable sights, such as the Creedmoor, the .45-70 Sharps became a hard-hitting long-range weapon capable of accurately striking targets up to 1,000 yards downrange. Heavy-barrel Sharps were used to take selected buffalo without spooking the herd. Wed change this one. The top tang on the Sharps receiver is drilled and tapped to accommodate the mounting of a Creedmoor rear sight. We also pulled the pin on one of the Pedersolis, and had the devil of a time getting it back in. Many percussion Sharps rifles were converted to fire brass cartridges. We believe this design ought to be changed to reduce the height of the half-cocked hammer to forestall any potential problems with unintentional firing. We pulled the pin on the side of the Shiloh and dropped the breech block out. However, the stock finish left a little to be desired. Brisk opening would sling empty cases rearward like an ejector. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); 2022 C. Sharps Arms, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Box 885Big Timber, MT 59011, (406) 932-4353 Office(406) 932-4443 Faxinfo@csharpsarms.com. It became the first choice of those who preferred a powerful single-shot rifle over the Henry or Winchester 1866 repeaters, which were not all that potent. Montana Vintage Arms #130 Vernier Tang sight. We say partially met, because the rifles from some makers, notably Shiloh, have a three- or four-year waiting list. Finally, there is the Deluxe Engraved version at a cost of $1,430. There were no mechanical problems with the rifle at all. The Hartford Sporting Rifle depicts an 1874 Rifle with some of the more common features found on rifles manufactured at the Sharps Rifle Company in Hartford Connecticut prior to 1875. The falling-block action lent itself to conversion to the new metallic cartridges developed in the late 1860s, and many of these converted carbines in .50-70 Government were used during the Indian Wars in the decades immediately following the Civil War. Heres a little bit of background on the company that makes these exceptional rifles: Shiloh Rifle Manufacturing is a family owned business that has been established since 1976, and is the recognized leader in the quality production and craftsmanship of the incomparable Sharps Rifle. Metal: Color-case hardened and blued. Add to that those labeled as Carbines, Mid-Range, Long Range, Schuetzen, Business, Military and Creedmoor, and the total is about doubled. And don't forget to subscribe to our newsletter to be among the first to be notified about new showroom listings. Our motto here is quality not quantities. The butt plate was checkered and seemed to be made of hard rubber. 1874 SHARPS RIFLE ; 1877 SHARPS RIFLES; 1863 SHARPS RIFLE; . This turned out to be related to rifling twist, as we found out when we tried that ammo in the Shiloh. If the barrel looks good, the rifle looks good. At $850, ours was the cheapest. However, the hand-done checkering adjacent to its borders was not fully pointed up. Designed and Developed: Struckture.com. Sign up for our daily email and get the stories everyone is talking about. There was a secondary rear ladder sight that could be flipped up for long-range shots. I've been shooting a Pedersoli 1874 Sharps - the Long Range model - for about 14 years now.

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